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Quote from Dr. Cox in My Scrubs

Dr. Cox: Oh, say, Barbie, wait just a second, eh, I gotta tell you. You look, well darn it all, you look great today.
Elliot: Oh, thanks. I started using that new facial cream made from baby foreskins.
Dr. Cox: Oh!
Elliot: But, I don't understand. You haven't complimented me in six years. Why today?
Dr. Cox: Well, since you are a private practice doctor who went home yesterday at 5 leaving me up all night with your melanoma patient, I just knew if I complimented you, sure as shootin', you'd look at me just a hair too long and then this would happen.
[Elliot trips over a patient in a wheelchair]
Man: [screams in agony]
Elliot: Oh, you think you're funny?
Dr. Cox: I do, I always have, ever since I was a little kid. It's one of the reasons that I'm a winner.

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