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The Crows Have Eyes

All the tales of Moira Rose's starring role in the psychological thriller "The Crows Have Eyes III."

Quote from Moira in Rooms by the Hour

Moira: Are they sending a script? David there's nothing here but "hot singles in my area." No, wait, wait. David, it's an audition for a feature film!
David: Well, that sounds promising.
Moira: "Attractive and spunky forty-something female." In my sleep! "Respected ornithologist Dr. Clara Mandrake," in the psychological thriller, "The Crows Have Eyes II." It's a sequel, that's good. It must mean the first one was a big success.
David: I've never heard of it.
Moira: Well, they want me to put myself on tape. David, do you still have that camera? Go get it, please! And a drop cloth. And a ring light.
David: I could probably prop my phone against some books.
Moira: [exhales] And so it begins again.


Quote from Moira in The Premiere

Alexis: So the crows are ready. You just say a few words, and then give Carmine the signal.
Moira: Alexis, Mommy's home now. I'll take it from here. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to a North American screening of... the psychological thriller...
Alexis: Move it along.
Moira: "The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening!" [crowd applauds] Let the crowening commence!

Quote from Moira in Maid of Honour

Jocelyn: Sorry, Moira, I think my reason for not wanting to jump on the bandwagon is just that I've seen you get your hopes up before, only to be disappointed when things didn't work out.
Moira: I don't require coddling.
Jocelyn: I know. Now that I realize that my opinion means something to you, there is a lot that I liked about the trailer...
Moira: Do go on.
Jocelyn: [clears throat] "From the first ominous syllable of the narrator's tale, one can feel the hair on one's arms standing at afrightened attention. Yes, there will be blood. And, yes, you will be horror-struck. But, more than that, you will be lured, against every instinct for self-preservation, to look inside, and face your very own futile resistance to transfiguration."
Moira: Who wrote that?
Jocelyn: I did.
Moira: You? You did. Oh, wow... Jocelyn, thank you. Nothing about me or my performance?
Jocelyn: Oh. It's just a first draft.
Moira: Yes. Okay.
Jocelyn: I really liked your feathers!
Moira: Mm-hmm.
Jocelyn: They're very life-like.
Moira: Surprise. They are real. 1200 of them hand-sewn into my costume. The live crows on set welcomed me as their own. One even tried to mate.

Quote from Moira in Maid of Honour

Moira: [on trailer] What have we done?!
Moira: Good. Good. And the egg-laying feels grounded.

Quote from Moira in Love Letters

Moira: John! Are you awake? John!
Johnny: What? What's happening?
Moira: Your wayfaring thespian has returned! I-I don't wanna jinx anything, but the shoot was a triumph. The local Bosnians are calling it a stunning re-invigoration of the "Crows Have Eyes" franchise. That, of course, is a loose translation.

Quote from Moira in The Crowening

Moira: [gravelly and shrill] Listen to me aaawk! The day will come when we are no longer social outcasts! I am but a tail-feather away from finding the cure. So please quiet your caws so that we may take up our cause redemption! Redemption! Awk! Awk! Ahaaa!

Quote from Moira in The Crowening

Blair: I don't know why, or really, even how, but something about this actually works.
Moira: Oh. All right then, then, um, might I ask why did we interrupt that take?
Blair: Right, so at this point Moira, I'm gonna have a bunch of digital birds sort of circling around you, so if you can just be aware of them.
Moira: Yes. Aye, Captain. Note taken.
Blair: Let's pick it up from there.
Moira: In terms of my eye-line, how many birds am I clocking? And of them, how many are mutants? Okay, winging it.

Quote from Moira in The Crowening

Moira: [gravelly and shrill] My dear murder, soon we will walk once more walk amongst the humans. But until that day comes, we must remember, the crows don't just have eyes we also have wings! Caaaaw! Awk! Caw! Caw!

Quote from Moira in Maid of Honour

Alexis: Oh my God, I just sent you the first trailer to the "Crows" movie!
Johnny: What?!
Moira: My "Crows" movie?
Alexis: No. Gwen's. They sent over a little sneak peak before it goes live tomorrow.
Moira: Oh, Alexis! This is a critical moment. A siren call to the cinematic rapture that is to come. How did it look?

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