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Sunrise Bay

All the stories from Moira Rose's long-running stint as Dr. Vivian Blake on the daytime soap-opera Sunrise Bay.

Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

Tippy Bernstein: Oh, would you look at this. I'm getting texts from Nicole's office. Serves me right for sharing EP credit. These people...
Moira: I'm guessing Clifton was also responsible for my name being repeatedly left off the Daytime Emmy ballot?
Tippy Bernstein: No, we submitted you every year. And-and that season that you played your own brother we submitted you for Best Actress and Actor.
Clifton Sparks: You did what?


Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

Moira: No, Alexis I came here to tell you something... I've been asked to resuscitate Vivian so that she may live again in a prime-time reboot.
Alexis: Is Clifton involved?
Moira: Alexis, he drove all this way just to personally beg me to acquiesce.
Alexis: Hm. Of course he did. You're the only person in the show making headlines right now.
Moira: That's not true. Adriana had that DUI last year. Popped a breast, poor dear.

Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

[on an old Sunrise Bay:]
Clifton Sparks: Take the pills, Vivian.
Moira: A "please" might be nice!
Clifton Sparks: You really think you'd be head of surgery at Sunrise General if you weren't possessed by your father? Who also happened to be the former head of surgery at Sunrise General?
[real life:]
Moira: Oh, enjoying the box set, are we?
Alexis: This season is weird. You're great in it, but I forgot how bad Clifton Sparks was.
Moira: Oh, it's Uncle Sparky to you, Dear.
Alexis: Also, I'm so confused. Why is Vivian the only one who gets possessed when Trystan also played the Ouija game?
Moira: Oh, suddenly she's the director.

Quote from Moira in Moira's Nudes

Moira: Oh dear.
Stevie: Yeah, all those online perverts should be put in a paddle boat, and sent out to sea.
Moira: No, that's not me.
Stevie: That's your face.
Moira: Yes, it's my character from Sunrise Bay, but it's been put on the body of what I can only assume is an Indonesian lady boy.
Stevie: Ohhh! I thought maybe you just had a tan.

Quote from Jocelyn in The Drip

Moira: [quietly] John.
Roland: Oh, there it is! There it is! The Vivian Blake bitch face!
Moira: Excuse me?
Roland: I didn't want to say anything, but you were my favourite character on Sunrise Bay.
Moira: Thanks.
Jocelyn: It's true. He lived for Sunrise Bay. I could be doing cartwheels in a thong in front of that television, which I have done, but if your show was on, I was as good as wall paper.

Quote from Johnny in Love Letters

Johnny: Moira, you wrote those letters!
Moira: Don't be absurd, that is not my writing!
Johnny: It was that week on Sunrise Bay when Vivian Blake had her accident. You were in a body cast, they wouldn't let you take it off. You were writing with your left hand!
Moira: The spelunking incident.
Johnny: No. It was after she got thrown upwards through a skylight.

Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

Moira: Oh, I wanna see this.
[on an old Sunrise Bay:]
Clifton Sparks: You can and you know it!
Moira: How dare you make me kill my father twice! [repeated slaps] You'll pay for this one day.

Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

Moira: Have you forgotten that Vivian was killed off?
Clifton Sparks: When has that ever stop us?
Moira: But that last time I was shredded.
Clifton Sparks: That's why we have writers. Let them do their magic.

Quote from Moira in Sunrise, Sunset

Alexis: Okay. You watch this video and tell me who you think he's referring to then. Come.
[old red carpet video:]
Reporter: There has been some serious Sunrise intrigue around the sudden departure of Vivian Blake. Can you tell us what happened?
Clifton Sparks: [slurring] She had a good run. But let's just say "someone" reminded the producers that there's only room for one head of surgery at Sunrise General. And I think all you housewives at home know who that should be.
Alexis: See, he's basically admitting to having you written off the show.
Moira: He's drunk there.

Quote from Moira in New Car

Car Salesman: Thank you very much for waiting. This is Sarah, this is my wife, and business partner.
Johnny: Oh, hi, is everything okay?
Sarah: Well, I hope you can forgive me, but I couldn't help overhear your story.
Moira: [in a mock Cockney accent] Oh, yes, love, it's an inspiration to many, I'm sure.
Sarah: And it sounded so familiar. But then I remembered Sunrise Bay.
Car Salesman: My wife was addicted to your show!
Moira: Well, I've heard it's wonderful, but we don't have a television, so...
Johnny: Moira.
Sarah: I remember when your twin showed up, and stabbed Armand with her sharpened crutch.

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