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Rock On!

‘Rock On!’

Season 5, Episode 6 -  Aired February 12, 2019

After the Poison concert Jocelyn and the Jazzagirls were going to attend is cancelled, Moira encourages them to spend the evening at the casino. Meanwhile, a customer gives Patrick his phone number, and Johnny interrupts Stevie taking an intimate photograph.

Quote from David

David: Do I want to hear about it?
Patrick: I couldn't do it.
David: Oh. Come in.
Patrick: I don't want to date Ken!
David: I don't think I ever said "date".


Quote from Jocelyn

Jocelyn: We all still like it, right? I think it really brings out my eyes, right, Gals?
Ronnie: Sure.
Jocelyn: It's not like we think it's a mistake, or we regret it, right?
Moira: Oh, you never regret a good time, Jocelyn.
Jocelyn: Thank you, Moira. You'd tell me the truth, I know. [nervous laugh] It's really short.

Quote from David

Alexis: Oh, I think he looked younger than 30.
David: Fuck off, Alexis. What exactly did Ken do with my pen? Did he write down a banana bread recipe? Or was he looking for directions to some place?

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