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Quote from Patrick in Motel Review

Patrick: So, why don't we start with the name of the business?
David: Oh, um, I'm oscillating between two names at the moment, so if we could just leave that one blank, that would be great.
Patrick: Sure, sure. Give you more time to oscillate. Um, business address?
David: Okay, so I'm working on that. Um, I'm currently staying in a motel, and I think it might be confusing if I gave you the address to another business.
Patrick: Y-Yeah, for sure. We'll leave that blank as well. Battin' a thousand here, David.
David: I don't know what that means.


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Quote from Patrick in The Hike

David: What's going on?
Patrick: So I used to come on this hike a lot, when I first moved here, and I was, uh, I was developing feelings for this guy I had just gotten into business with. And I didn't know what to do about it because I didn't know if that guy had the same feelings. Or if I'd ever be able to muster up the courage to let him know how I felt. And now, here he is. The love of my life, standing in front of me. [David sobs] And this just felt like the perfect place to ask you to marry me.
David: [sobs] Wha- Are you sure?
Patrick: Easiest decision of my life.
David: [laughs; Patrick and David kiss] Are these 24-karat? It's a yes, it's a yes! I love you.

Quote from Moira in Happy Ending

Moira: [sniffles] Good... [voice breaks] Good evening, everyone, welcome to the marriage of Patrick Brewer and David... [voice breaks] David Rose. We are gathered here today to celebrate the love between two people, whose lives were ostensibly brought together by the fated flap of a butterfly wing. It is all but impossible to explain why things happen the way they do. Our lives are like little bébé crows, carried upon a curious wind. And all we can wish, for our families, for those we love, is that that wind will eventually places us on solid ground. And I believe it's done just that for my family here. In this little town. In the middle of nowhere.

 ‘Motel Review’ Quotes

Quote from Moira

Moira: All right, I'll agree, this motel could use some improvements. But your review will scare off the guests we need to afford those improvements.
Motel Guest: I was just being honest.
Moira: I see. Then I suppose I should be honest. My daughter married a man who turned out to be her uncle.
Motel Guest: I'm sorry?
Moira: The lowlife uncle she believed to have been executed years before by the Indian cartel. This is all on my ex-husband's side. I'm good people, and so's my daughter. She had nothing to do with Raven's accident. When the Bangalores finally found Dagger, and gave him what he deserved, they threatened to burn down the motel, and leave my pregnant baby penniless.
Motel Guest: This motel?
Moira: She begged them to let her keep this place, and she promised them a cut of the profits in return. They laughed, and left, but not without first shaving all her beautiful hair! When people ask me, why do you work here for nothing? I tell them, this is my flesh and blood! I do this for her! Nothing! She is my everything!
Motel Guest: Okay, wow, I had no idea. I can take down that review.

Quote from Patrick

David: Okay, you couldn't use anything I just said?
Patrick: I'll tell you what. Why don't you take these home with you, and just fill them out when you have a a clearer idea of what you want to do with your business.
David: Okay, um I do have a clear idea.
Patrick: Oh! You've settled on a name, then?
David: Um... You're either very impatient, or extremely sure of yourself.
Patrick: I threw you a bit of a change-up there, huh?
David: Yeah, again, I don't know what that means, I don't play cricket.
Patrick: [laughs] Look, take this, it's my card, and I feel like you will need it.
David: Uh, you know what, I think I'm good. Um, so thank you for this.
Patrick: It's nice to meet you, David.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Moira, you're having a drink, you glance down at your coaster, it says, "tweet us on Facebook!" Or uh, "leave us a review!" And you say, yeah, yeah, okay, I think I will.
David: Is that what it says?
Johnny: Yes, David, that's what it says, you're not the only one with an online presence.
David: No, no.
Moira: Well, aren't you Mr. Futuristic!