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Quote from Bob in Jazzagals

Bob: Oh, poor Dick. He loved that car. It was a gift from the church. He and his family hit on some hard times, and uh-
Johnny: Yeah, you know what, Bob? I'll tell 'ya, I will call Mr. Stinson, and apologize.
Bob: Well, you can apologize to Mr. Stinson until the cows come home, but I don't see how that is gonna help Dick Sinson!
Johnny: I'll fix it, Bob!
Bob: Here's hopin'.
Johnny: Ridiculous name! Sin- Sinson. Sinson! Dick Sin- Sinson!


 ‘Jazzagals’ Quotes

Quote from Bob

Bob: [runs up] Hey, Johnny. Keepin' busy, or, uh, hardly workin'?
Johnny: Well, first of all, Bob, that's not the expression.

Quote from Stevie

Stevie: There's a tool shed out back, the other side of the motel.
David: Okay.
Stevie: Will you be requiring a tool box?
David: Maybe? Um, let's go with yes, just to be safe.
Stevie: Will you be needing your basic toolbox, or your "cedar chest" tool box?
David: Obviously the cedar chest tool box!
Stevie: Oh, that's in the shed. It's a big wooden box, with the words, "tools to make a cedar chest" carved into the side of it, so it's really clear...
David: Okay. I'm assuming you're kidding. Um... But in the off chance that you're not, where in the shed would I find that box?
Stevie: [mouths] Wow.
David: You're kidding.

Quote from Moira

Moira: Honestly, David, why are you not ready?
David: I'm not going. How is it that a moth can find its way into a triple locked titanium suitcase?!
Moira: The perils of owning cashmere. Alexis! Please, dear!
David: Alexis hasn't been here for a week and a half. She's at Mutt's.
Moira: Well, that's simply not true. I had breakfast with her just yesterday.
David: That was me!
Moira: We had a lengthy conversation about hosiery and menopause.
David: Again, that was me.

 Bob Currie Quotes

Quote from Jazzagals

Bob: [runs up] Hey, Johnny. Keepin' busy, or, uh, hardly workin'?
Johnny: Well, first of all, Bob, that's not the expression.

Quote from Bob's Bagels

Bob: So I was thinking, and uh, I'm not married to it, but, uh, "Bob's Bagels."
Roland: Johnny, I think you have something you'd like to say to Bob.
Bob: You don't wanna use the name Bob? Oh, I get it, go with something a little more old testament?

Quote from Family Dinner

Bob: I got a great spot for a chair right there. Uh, you just have to move these tires. Um, filing those papers'll give you some extra space.
Johnny: Yeah, Bob, I'm not working for you, I'm not filing papers.
Bob: No, I'm just saying, if you need to get a chair in here, you know, you might have to move some things. Maybe, you know, sell some old car parts.
Johnny: Yeah, I didn't come here looking for a job. Okay? I wanted a space to work, and frankly I don't think this is it.
Bob: Okay, well uh, I'm not saying you have to make a decision right now. Just maybe clean it up, and give it a think.
Johnny: How about I give it a think without cleaning it up!
Bob: Suit yourself. As long as it gets cleaned up at some point.