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Quote from Johnny in Moira Rosé

Patrick: Oh, hey, Mr. Rose.
Johnny: Patrick! Uh, yeah, I was gonna say hello, I, uh, didn't wanna interrupt.
Patrick: No, no, not at all. I'm just watching the game. Hey, do you want some pizza?
Johnny: Uh... yeah, I could go for some 'za. [chuckles]
Patrick: Ordered it a while ago, so it might be a bit cold by now, but...
Johnny: Oh, that's okay, cold pizza can be good. Hot pizza's good. Too-hot pizza - not so good. I got that happening.
Patrick: Yeah.
Johnny: Oh, is this thin crust?
Patrick: I think it's just regular.
Johnny: Oh yeah, well, I love a regular crust. Yeah, cheese, tomato sauce, bread. Can't beat that combination.


 ‘Moira Rosé’ Quotes

Quote from Roland

Roland: I remember when Jocelyn's dad gave me the talk. I mean, he was trying to talk me out of getting married, but she was 9 months pregnant at the time, so he really didn't have a leg to stand on. But I'll tell you, I could not get out of that sauna fast enough. No way!

Quote from Jocelyn

Jocelyn: Alexis, can I still go on the trip? I'm not saying that I need it. It's just last weekend I snuck Roland Jr. Into the ball room at Ikea, just so I could eat a meatball by myself.

Quote from Moira

Moira: You and Patrick are two good grapes. Different notes, different tannins, but... together, you've managed to make one perfect blend.
David: Thank you.
Moira: That being said...
David: Oh my God.
Moira: If I may impart a slice of marital sagacity: you and I, we're two potent grapes. You know, there's a lot of your father in Patrick.
David: Don't need that.
Moira: But just because their notes are subtle doesn't mean they require any less attention.
David: Says the woman who literally convinced me to leave my partner alone at home, watching a baseball game.
Moira: You know I'm right. Your father and I have produced beautiful wine together for over forty years.
David: Ew.
Moira: And I have absolutely no doubt that your relationship with Patrick is going to get even better with age.