Alexis Quote #411

Quote from Alexis in Maid of Honour

David: Um, I asked Stevie.
Alexis: David, you better be talking about Stevie Nicks.
Alexis: Stevie said yes?
Patrick: I mean, it was more of a reluctant "sure."
Alexis: Okay, well, it sound like she doesn't actually wanna do it. So why don't I just come with, and I will gently take it off her hands.


 ‘Maid of Honour’ Quotes

Quote from Roland

Roland: Okay, Johnny. As soon as we get this place up and running the first order of business is to restock the vending machine. Do you know that all they had was this Drink Tyme Orange Sodas and one bag of Poly Puffs.
Johnny: All right, we're gonna have to get some brand names in there.
Roland: No, I'm saying get more of this. Do you realize that this soda is made with 99% real drink. You can't argue with that kind of math.

Quote from Twyla

Twyla: Were the crows nice?
Moira: Hm.
Twyla: My uncle had a parrot that just kept asking me to take my bra off.

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Quote from The Hospies

Alexis: [singing] Are you ready? Let's do it. I'm a Lamborghini I'm a Hollywood star I'm a little bit tipsy When I drive my car I'm expensive sushi I'm a cute, huge yacht I'm a little bit single Even when I'm not Ah! Ah! I'm little bit I'm a little bit I'm a little bit of la la la-la-la-la-la A little bit Alexis La la la-la-la-la-la A little bit Alexis
Jocelyn: Oh wow, okay. [stops music]
Alexis: La-la-la.
Jocelyn: Just wonderful.
Alexis: Okay, yeah, I still actually had a few more verses. And in the last verse, I really get to showcase my range.

Quote from Ronnie's Party

David: So are you nervous? This is like the first job you've ever had.
Alexis: No it isn't.
David: Putting your name on a line of edible nail polish isn't what I would call having a job.
Alexis: I was very hands on, David. I came up with all the flavours by myself.
David: Even the one that poisoned all those people?
Alexis: David, the factory in Guangzhou assured us that it was lead-free. Ugh!