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Quote from Stevie in The Job Interview

Stevie: I need you to help me... put together an outfit. 'Kay, I have a job interview this afternoon and I need to look professional.
David: So, does that mean you're officially leaving the motel?
Stevie: No. just, I don't know, I'm just, you know, trying to see what's out there. And Larry Air is hosting an open call for employment opportunities.
David: Okay, "Larrierre" sounds like a dollar-store perfume.
Stevie: It's an airline. Larry is the name of the CEO. He used to own a chain of delis, but then he sold them to buy a bunch of planes.
David: Hm.
Stevie: I get to travel, see the world.


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Quote from Moira

Moira: Alexis! Your father and I are going to meet for a celebratory lunch when he's done at the bank, and... I was supposed to invite you to join us.
Alexis: Yeah, I'm a little busy.
Moira: What in God's name do you have there? Please tell me it's not a Testudine.
Alexis: No, it's a turtle.
Moira: Alexis! Turtles do not pets make. The poor things are riddled with a myriad of diseases. You may as well tie a leash around a raw chicken cutlet.

Quote from Twyla

Twyla: My mom had a turtle dove that was eaten by her ex-fiancé's snake. That was a bad sign.
Alexis: Oh my God.
Twyla: And it happened on Valentine's Day.
Alexis: Mm.
Twyla: And her fiancé was a Satanist.

Quote from Ted

Alexis: Well, I guess if this is what you look like after finding some gross fly, I can forgive you for being away for so long.
Ted: [on Skype] I've actually been bench pressing 100-pound tortoises because there's no gym here.
Alexis: Ted! Stop making me jealous of turtles.
Ted: Tortoises, but I do have "tur-tell" you that I've been thinking about you, a lot, especially at nighttime.