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Quote from Alexis in Pregnancy Test

Alexis: Okay, so I'm thinking like, season five Carrie Bradshaw, like, super professional and polished, but also like, chill and flirty in an impossibly expensive sort of way.
David: You do know that this is your first day at Elmdale College, and not Vogue, right?
Alexis: Hush, David, because Jocelyn said that only her top students go to Elmdale.
David: Okay, I think that says more about Jocelyn as a teacher than it does her students.


 ‘Pregnancy Test’ Quotes

Quote from Moira

Moira: It's just flagrant irresponsibility! To allow an unscheduled conception to occur!
Jocelyn: Moira?
Moira: Oh, she has no idea of the toll a bébé can take on its mother, or its mother's mother.

Quote from Moira

Moira: No, I'll talk to her. Yes, I'll tell her she has no right to lay this financial and psychological burden on us!
Johnny: Well, maybe I'll talk to her.
Moira: Now she has to move into one of those homes for unwed mothers!
David: Oh, my God, imagine?
Johnny: Moira, that's not gonna happen.
Moira: Oh, I'm sure there are plenty of them on this side of the tracks. Let the nuns take care of the little stranger!

 Alexis Rose Quotes

Quote from The Hospies

Alexis: [singing] Are you ready? Let's do it. I'm a Lamborghini I'm a Hollywood star I'm a little bit tipsy When I drive my car I'm expensive sushi I'm a cute, huge yacht I'm a little bit single Even when I'm not Ah! Ah! I'm little bit I'm a little bit I'm a little bit of la la la-la-la-la-la A little bit Alexis La la la-la-la-la-la A little bit Alexis
Jocelyn: Oh wow, okay. [stops music]
Alexis: La-la-la.
Jocelyn: Just wonderful.
Alexis: Okay, yeah, I still actually had a few more verses. And in the last verse, I really get to showcase my range.

Quote from Ronnie's Party

David: So are you nervous? This is like the first job you've ever had.
Alexis: No it isn't.
David: Putting your name on a line of edible nail polish isn't what I would call having a job.
Alexis: I was very hands on, David. I came up with all the flavours by myself.
David: Even the one that poisoned all those people?
Alexis: David, the factory in Guangzhou assured us that it was lead-free. Ugh!