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Quote from David in Dead Guy in Room 4

David: So, someone's been busy.
Patrick: Oh yeah, yeah, I've been up since 5. Could not sleep, been thinking about... Stuff, you know, last night.
David: Regrets?
Patrick: What? No, why would I have regrets?
David: I don't know, I think it's just a habit to ask.


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Quote from Moira

Moira: It's startlingly quiet in here, David. Is that a good sign?
David: I thought you were booked up all day, and that's why you couldn't help Dad with the dead b- That thing in the motel.
Moira: I am booked up, David. You should see my schedule. I'm positively bedevilled with meetings, etc.

Quote from Patrick

Patrick: You know, when you kissed me, that, that felt like my first time. All the things that you're supposed to feel, I- I felt them last night.
David: Well, if we're being honest with each other, this is sort of like my first time, too. I mean it's not, I've kissed like a thousand people but nobody that I cared about or respected or thought was nice. So in a way, it's like we're both starting something new.
Patrick: Thank you, David. And hey, for the record, I- I also respect you and think that you're a good person.
David: Hmm. It's just I said nice person.
Patrick: I know.
David: Oh. I just need you to say nice person.
Patrick: You're a good person.
David: That's not nice.

Quote from Moira

Moira: Well hello, all of you. Hello, hi. Isn't this a glittering sea of hopeful faces?
Johnny: My lovely wife, Moira.
Man: We wanna go outside.
Johnny: Outside.
Moira: Well, of course you do, who doesn't want to go outside? But it's also important to cherish what's going on inside. It's times like these that reminds one of the fact that we're all still alive. Don't you dare take that for granted. One day you're asking for an anti-inflammatory, the next day you've passed away in your sleep!
Johnny: I think we're getting a little off-topic, sweetheart.
Moira: The point being, no one knows when we're going to die! Or be implicated in, and then suddenly cleared of someone else's death. [coroner's van starts up, Stevie signals to Moira and Johnny] So, so, drink up! Go outside! And live your lives!

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Quote from Roadkill

David: Are you hearing anything I'm saying?
Alexis: Yes. Stay off your phone. Wait for the delivery man to drop off whatever. You can trust me.
David: Okay, can I? Because the last time I left you in charge of something...
Alexis: Ugh! This is about those stupid Tamagotchi?
David: Actually it is.
Stevie: Okay guys.
Alexis: You left me with six of them, David. Taking care of that many is like a full-time job!
David: I left you with six adult Tamagotchis in perfect health! And by the time I came home, they were all dead. You have to like actively murder them in order for that to happen!

Quote from Rock On!

David: Look at you, just drowning in other people's phone numbers.
Alexis: Who was that hunk with the teeny-weeny little polo?
Patrick: His name is Ken.
David: Ken! Just when I thought it was impossible to find a thirty-something named Ken!

Quote from Honeymoon

Stevie: So, just to be clear, um, I'm a red wine drinker.
David: That's fine.
Stevie: Okay, cool. But, uh, I only drink red wine.
David: Okay.
Stevie: And up until last night I was under the impression that you too only drank red wine. But I guess I was wrong?
David: I see where you're going with this. Um, I do drink red wine. But I also drink white wine.
Stevie: Oh.
David: And I've been known to sample the occasional rosé. And a couple summers back I tried a merlot, that used to be a chardonnay.
Stevie: Uh, okay.
David: Which got a bit complicated.
Stevie: Yeah, so, you're just really open to all wines.
David: I like the wine, and not the label. Does that make sense?