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Quote from Moira in Opening Night

Moira: David, this isn't funny. I have my first Town Hall meeting in an hour, where is my portfolio?!
David: Uh, why, why would I know where your portfolio is?
Moira: You were bedazzling it last night.
David: Excuse me? I haven't bedazzled anything since I was 22.
Moira: David, you were dressed like a harlequin, and you were gluing shiny jewels... Perhaps that was just a night terror.


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Quote from Moira

David: Um, Jake, this is my mother.
Jake: Listen, I'm really sorry, I didn't think anybody would be home.
David: Okay, nobody was supposed to be home. Nobody was supposed to be home, so... You were supposed to be at lunch, why- Why are- Why were you not at lunch?!
Moira: David, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican!

Quote from Moira

Daycare Worker: Parents are complaining that they're struggling to get off work early enough to pick up their kids, and so that's why we would like to extend the after school daycare program by half an hour. [applause]
Roland: That's an idea we'll give some real thought to.
Moira: Spoken like a true politician. [audience laughs] Ah! Vivacity aside, our children's safety is no laughing matter. As a mother who once invested a great deal of time and money into her children, I, for one, stand by the request to extend the hours of the daycare. [applause] One might think that an additional 30 minutes will have no impact, but you tell that to the mother whose manicurist just applied the wrong colour, and must start all over again, or the father who got stuck in a mine! That extra half hour could be the difference between a child who gets picked up safely, and one who wanders the street, waiting for a dust-covered man to emerge from the darkness!
Daycare Worker: We do wait with the kids.
Moira: Is that really what we want for our town? Homeless toddlers?! Tugging at your pant legs?!

Quote from Moira

Roland: Moira, what are you doing? You undermined my authority.
Moira: We were losing our audience. You saw the walkouts. And on opening night!
Ronnie: This isn't a theatre.
Moira: Isn't it?
Roland: Look, you can't go making blind promises to these people! This isn't Sunrise Bay, where everybody lives in a perfect dream world!
Moira: I'll have you know, Sunrise Bay was a coastal community plagued by a centuries-old curse!