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Quote from Moira in Surprise Party

Moira: Jocelyn, I'm so glad I've run into you. Roland was mentioning your fundraiser earlier today and it got me thinking-
Jocelyn: My what?
Moira: Your annual fundraiser for the children with troubled mouths.
Jocelyn: Oh, right. Yes. It's gonna be quite a night.
Moira: I hope so, 'cause I'd like to be involved.
Jocelyn: With?
Moira: Your fundraiser. As I'm sure you know, I was on the board of some of the most profitable not-profits, from San Francisco to London. And after speaking with Roland, I realized I was remiss not to gift you with my wealth of experience.
Jocelyn: Wow. That's very generous of you, Moira. I was gonna ask you, but I didn't wanna impose.
Moira: Jocelyn, you must stop being intimidated by me. It's unnerving.


 ‘Surprise Party’ Quotes

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Then you plan it.
David: What? No!
Alexis: Oh, snap, David!
Johnny: Talk to the hand, son, because the ears are no longer working.
David: Oh, my God.
Alexis: 'kay, that's not at all how that works, so...
Johnny: Cancel your trip, Alexis, because the travel agent is out of the office.

Quote from Alexis

Johnny: Kids, just came in to remind you to keep Saturday open.
David: What's Saturday?
Johnny: What's Saturday? It's your mother's birthday.
Alexis: No, her birthday is the second weekend in May.
Johnny: That's mother's day, honey.
Alexis: I don't think so.

Quote from Johnny

David: I asked you to get her invited to the fundraiser, not involved in the fundraiser.
Johnny: The fundraiser was your idea! You didn't think your mother would get involved in planning a fundraiser? My God, she had Hilary shaking last year at the Clinton foundation dinner.