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Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose

‘Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose’

Season 4, Episode 13 - Aired December 18, 2018

When Johnny wakes up and decides to throw a party on Christmas Eve, nobody else seems to be in a festive mood.

Quote from Alexis

Alexis: Who wants bubbly?
Ted: Merry Christmas, Mr. Rose.
Alexis: Merry Christmas, Dad. You know I hate to miss a good party.
Johnny: See? I knew you could handle a guest list.


Quote from Patrick

David: Room looks good.
Patrick: Mmm-hmm.
Patrick: You still thinking about that espresso machine, aren't ya?
David: Yes. Yes, I am.
Patrick: One day.

Quote from Stevie

Jazzagals: [singing] Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright Round yon virgin Mother and Child Holy Infant So tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Oh sleep
Stevie: What? It's just nice. Nothing's happening.
David: Looks like you're crying.
Stevie: Oh well, I'm not. It's just we're- We ran out of red!
David: Oh.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Anyone interested in opening a gift tonight?
David: I thought you said we weren't doing presents?
Johnny: Well, you kids were so upset about there being no presents. The Church had a small rummage sale this morning, so I popped in. Close your eyes, Moira. Smaller, smaller, smaller.
Moira: A bomb?
Johnny: No, it's an antique tin.
Moira: Oh.
Johnny: For your wig pins.
Moira: Oh.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Little something for you, Alexis.
Alexis: Stickers! Of old men!
Johnny: No, they're stamps, from all over the world. David, I know you like money.
David: Yes. It's what looks like 1,000 Yen.
Johnny: Yeah.
David: Hm. It's like being right back in Japan.
Moira: Okay, okay, let's just smile and say thank you. Thank you.

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