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Schitt's Creek: Happy Anniversary

213. Happy Anniversary

Aired March 29, 2016

As they celebrate their anniversary at an Elmdale eatery, Johnny and Moira run into a couple from their past life. Meanwhile, David and Alexis attend a party in Mutt's barn.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: No, Don, here's the joke. The joke is I'm sitting here in a half decent restaurant with my wife and our friends. And all you two have done is complain about the food, and pretend that you didn't leave us high and dry after we lost everything.
Moira: Oh, we're past all that now.
Johnny: I'm not quite past it, Moira. You wrote us off, Don. Not a phone call, not an email, not a nickel. Roland and Jocelyn here, could not have been more generous with what little they have. They found us a place to live, they've offered us their truck whenever we've needed it. They've invited us to their parties, they even offered to take us out to dinner tonight.
Roland: Well, just to be clear, Johnny, we were always gonna split the bill, it's just with the coupon...
Jocelyn: Rollie, Rollie.
Johnny: And that town you passed through, it's not called Schittsville. It's called Schitt's Creek. And it's where we live.


Quote from David

David: Um, speaking of sexual popularity, I'm pretty sure that, um, that guy at the bar, is into me.
Stevie: Who, Jake?
David: Yeah. Jake. Why, was he one of your high school conquests?
Stevie: Actually, no. But I have a pretty stellar radar for being able to tell when guys are into me.
David: Mmm-hmm. Um, and having swam in both ponds, I can say that I might be able to navigate those waters a little but better than you.
Stevie: Uh huh? Well, we'll see.

Quote from David

Johnny: Kids, it happens to be our anniversary today, so it might be a nice idea if you wished your mother a happy anniversary.
David: Okay, um, what would you like us to say?
Johnny: Well, you could start by saying, "Happy anniversary."
Alexis: Erm, okay, but why are we wishing her a happy anniversary? Isn't that something that you two are supposed to say to each other?
Johnny: Yeah, it's called being courteous, honey. You know, the Bloomfield kids used to throw their parents an anniversary party every year.
David: Mmm-hmm. Um, if we're truth telling, the Bloomfields were always a little too friendly with one another. I just don't understand what kind of family skinny dips together.

Quote from Alexis

Ted: You know, I am surprised that you haven't asked me to leave early today.
Alexis: Are you telepathic or something, because I have been thinking about asking you that question every day this week.
Ted: I was just kidding.
Alexis: Oh. No, yeah, me too.

Quote from Moira

Johnny: Hi, Rose, party of two.
Waitress: Yeah, we spoke on the phone this afternoon. You're lucky we had that cancellation.
Johnny: Yes, well, lucky for someone. We had a reservation which I of course made, uh, weeks ago.
Moira: You always could swing a good table at the last minute, John.

Quote from David

Jake: Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
David: Oh, I wouldn't either, but I couldn't find a cocktail shaker, and someone brought room temperature vodka.
Jake: No, I mean Mutt made those ice cubes from well water, so they smell a little fishy.
David: Oh. Yeah, wouldn't want that melting in my drink, thank you very much.
Jake: I'm Jake.
David: David.
Jake: It's nice to meet you, handsome.

Quote from Stevie

David: Wow! Look at you.
Stevie: What's that supposed to mean?
David: No, I've just never seen you this dressed up before.
Stevie: I do what I want. And tonight, I'm wanting to meet someone.
David: Hmm.
Stevie: So, I have a certain high school reputation I need to live up to.
David: Uh huh. Yeah, and good luck with that.

Quote from Alexis

Tennessee: Alexis, hi. It's so nice to finally meet you. Mutt's told me so much about you. The way he describes you, it's like you're this beautiful little poem.
Alexis: Well, love "little!" Look at you! You're like a poem too. Like, a really pretty poem, or like, a mermaid, or something. Mutt, you're growing back your beard.
Mutt: Yeah, she likes it.
Alexis: Okay. Um, okay, uh, I'm gonna go grab a drink. But um, it was so nice to finally meet you, Tallahassee, so...
Tennessee: It's ah, Tennessee.
Alexis: Yes, Tennessee. I love that name, it's so unique. Um, thank God you look the way you do, because that name on the wrong girl would just... Ooh! So, you should feel really good about yourself.

Quote from Ted

Ted: You know, I'm actually having more fun at this party than I thought I would.
Alexis: How did you do it?
Ted: Well, I started by drinking all four of those peach schnapps that you left in my fridge...

Quote from David

David: Mmm! Hmm, I thought I was shame eating in private.
Jake: What is shame eating?
David: I don't think we have enough time for that tonight.

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