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Schitt's Creek: Grad Night

‘Grad Night’

Season 3, Episode 13 -  Aired April 4, 2017

Alexis asks her family not to attend her high school graduation. David celebrates his birthday with Patrick when his family forget all about it. Meanwhile, the Jazzagals book a gig and Johnny sells out the motel.

Quote from Patrick

David: Um, this is a very solid frame.
Patrick: Thank you, I'm learning.


Quote from Johnny

Johnny: [on the phone] No, I-I'm very sorry to tell you that we are all booked up tonight. No room at the inn! Yeah. No, no. I can imagine with that many kids and a grandmother, that it might be tough getting last-minute accommodations but... Hello? Hello?

Quote from Roland

Roland: Well, Johnny, I would love to sit and wait with you, but I've got a reservation, so if you could just give me my room key that'd be great.
Johnny: You have a reservation?
Roland: Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
Johnny: Roland, we have a full house tonight, and I do not see your name down here.
Roland: Johnny, you'll find me under, um, Damien Steele.
Johnny: You're Damien Steele?
Roland: Shh! Come on! I don't want the whole town to find out.

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