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Grad Night

‘Grad Night’

Season 3, Episode 13 -  Aired April 4, 2017

Alexis asks her family not to attend her high school graduation. David celebrates his birthday with Patrick when his family forget all about it. Meanwhile, the Jazzagals book a gig and Johnny sells out the motel.

Quote from David

Moira: We all have to go, David, unless you have some special excuse.
David: It's my birthday.
Johnny: Yeah. Well, we, we didn't forget.
Moira: No, we've been talking about it for weeks.
David: You've been talking about it for weeks?
Johnny: Well, we'll just have to have a birthday and graduation celebration all in one.
David: Yeah. I'm very uninterested in that option.


Quote from David

David: Yeah, I'm not going. I was at your first graduation and it's not my fault that you weren't there.

Quote from Alexis

Alexis: Ugh.
David: What?
Alexis: Woof, David.

Quote from Patrick

David: Here is a question. Um, has your family ever forgotten your birthday? Like your parents and your sister, collectively, as a whole?
Patrick: That would be a no. No, we've always had some kind of party.
David: Oh.
Patrick: In fact, sometimes two parties. One before school ended with my friends. And then another with my family with my cousins who were kinda more like siblings. But they, they forget other things.
David: Yeah. I'm sure. Yeah.

Quote from Patrick

Patrick: Those are wet now.
David: That's a lot of spritzing.
Patrick: I'm gonna dry those off.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: All right. We'll figure out. But I am so proud of our little team. Up here. Come on.
Stevie: I don't think we're those kind of people.
Johnny: In the sky! Here we go! Yeah! Big day! Big day, Stevie!

Quote from Moira

Alexis: Um, you know, it's not too late if you wanna come.
Moira: Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about me. Mommy is going to be fine. And I'll respect your wishes.
Alexis: I'm just saying, like, if you do wanna come.
Moira: Well, it's a little late now.
Alexis: Whatever, if you have plans that's totally fine.
Moira: Now I do. Now, I'm doing a big concert with the Jazzagals. Because you're the one who told us you didn't want anyone there.

Quote from Moira

Moira: Alexis. Alexis, I hope you know that you have been and always will be one of my top priorities.
Alexis: Thanks.
Moira: Well, we'll see each other afterwards. We'll all have lots to celebrate then. All of us.

Quote from Stevie

Stevie: Is this okay?
David: Yeah. Why?
Stevie: Because he bought you a present. It's very nicely wrapped. So I think I'm crashing a date.
David: Oh, no. No, no.
Stevie: He thinks you guys were here, one-on-one. He brought you a present. I didn't even get you a present.
David: No, I noticed that.

Quote from Patrick

Patrick: Oh, I see you found my present.
David: Um, yeah. We just didn't want anything to spill on it.
Patrick: So you put it on the table?
David: Yeah.
Patrick: Huh.

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