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Quote from Patrick in Moira Rosé

Patrick: Mr. Rose, I don't wanna cut you off, but um... [clears throat] I'm glad we have a minute to talk. Because I, I hope it goes without saying that, as lucky as I feel to have met David, I also feel incredibly lucky to be joining your family. I love your son and I will always do everything I can to respect him and to protect him from all of the things in life that can set him off. And there are many, many things that can set him off...
Johnny: [laughs] Oh, I'm aware, yeah. Um... oh boy, that... pretty much covers it. Uh, I was only gonna say that I... I hope you treat him with... respect, which you just said you would, and, of course... I already knew it.
Patrick: I'm glad we had this talk, Mr. Rose.
Johnny: Me too. Me too.
Patrick: All right.

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