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Quote from Johnny in Moira Rosé

Patrick: Yeah, I guess I don't need to turn the volume down for these commercial breaks.
Johnny: Oh, whatever works for you.
Patrick: It's just I thought you had something that you wanted to talk about?
Johnny: Oh, no, just wondering what the inflation was on concessions these days, 'cause it's been years since I've been to a ball game. [chuckles]
Patrick: Well, it's highway robbery.
Johnny: Yeah, you got that right. [chuckles]
Patrick: It just sorta seemed like you wanted to talk about David for a second. Felt like that's where you were goin'.
Johnny: No, I... sure. Yeah, I can talk about David. Yeah, my son... [clears throat] Who, uh, you will be... walking down the aisle with very soon. Well, technically, you won't be walking with him... down the aisle, but... but um...

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