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Quote from Twyla in Moira Rosé

Alexis: No. No. No one is going on the trip. And I am so sorry for making you guys sign up for this.
Ronnie: Well, I'm keeping the Hydration bottles. I can just dump out the crystal water.
Twyla: Just a heads up, you guys, they're almost sold out of the "nocturnal affirmation" cassette tapes, so...
Alexis: Twy...
Twyla: Now I just need to buy one of their cassette players. Because you have to make sure they're playing at the right speed when you're sleeping.
Alexis: Twy, this is a cult. I brought you to a cult.
Twyla: Oh my gosh, did you not know that? My mom tried to take me to the gateway for spring break one year. I just thought I was supporting your career.

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