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Quote from Moira in Life Is A Cabaret

Moira: Oh, I could so effortlessly conjure up the perfect words to bedazzle your spirits. That's one of my gifts. But no. No, you need to be exactly where you are.
Stevie: Okay, are you talking about me, or Sally?
Moira: Why, Sally, of course. You, I'm not worried about. What the hell is your secret, Stevie? You just stand your solid ground, refusing to be anything but you. Hmm. Never thought I'd say this about anyone in this town, but you you're very, very cool. And whether you set sail, or stay put, that's not going to change. Now, why don't we take our Sally by the hand, and we go out there, and show those people everything she can be. If she were only more like you.

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