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Quote from Moira in Stop Saying Lice!

Moira: As much as I love the spotlight, sometimes it's best to just step aside.
Jocelyn: That's surprising. I know when they told me that they were gonna put my name on the new low-impact play centre at the school, I was thrilled!
Moira: Yes, it can be very exciting when the tribute matches the contribution. My name graced a theatre, a country club ladies' locker room, a roadway.
Jocelyn: A whole road?
Moira: Oh, not just any road. This was a lifesaving road, dedicated to emergency vehicles.
Jocelyn: Like a fire route?
Moira: Technically it was referred to as Evacuation Route 14, but those of us in the know affectionately called it "Moira Rose Boulevard."

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