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Quote from Bob in Sebastien Raine

Bob: You thought we were cheating?
Johnny: No! No, I-
Bob: No offence, but I don't need to cheat to beat any of you.
Ronnie: It's just, you win a lot, Bob.
Bob: And there's a reason for that. Listen now Ronnie, when you- When you have a good hand, you close your cards real quick. And Ray, when you've got a bad hand, you start tapping your foot. And Johnny, your right eyebrow kind of just pops up. And Roland... Well, you know, I don't even know if you know the rules.
Roland: I don't know all of them. No.
Bob: Well, you know, truth is we put most of the winnings towards the snacks that Gwen serves up. We thought it was kind of a special evening for everyone.

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