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Quote from Moira in Girls' Night

Moira: Though it's possible this outing might serve you both well. I'm sure you're not aware of this but, our Alexis is unfortunately suffering a bit of a dry spell. Exacerbated by this situation with the former lover, Ted, and his new girlfriend, Harriet?
Twyla: You mean Heather?
Moira: I believe it's Heather.
Twyla: Yeah, um, Ted and Heather have been together for, hm, a while now. They started dating when Alexis was still working at the vet's office. She says it doesn't bother her, but sometimes I wonder.
Moira: Always the closed book, our Alexis. Bless her soul.
Twyla: I've always found her to be pretty open about things.
Moira: A closed book that falls open the second you take it off the shelf. That's enough gossip for today, Twyla. No, I'm not comfortable discussing the intimate details of Alexis' private life, with her not present.
Twyla: Oh, I wasn't gossiping, it was just that you brought it up. So I just wanted to clarify that it was...
Moira: Gossip is the devil's telephone. Best to just hang up.

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