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Carl's Funeral

‘Carl's Funeral’

Season 1, Episode 9 - Aired March 3, 2015

Johnny doesn't know what to do when Bob asks him to speak at his brother's funeral. Meanwhile, Alexis stays at Ted's place while David and Stevie try to avoid the scraggy motel guests.

Quote from Roland

Jocelyn: Moira! Your "Danny Boy". What a voice.
Moira: Oh, thank you.
Roland: Yeah. I'd really like you to sing at my cousin's funeral. She's not dead, but she's been coughing a lot lately.


Quote from Twyla

Twyla: Hey, Bob. How are you holding up?
Bob: Oh, you know. Not bad.
Twyla: You know, they say death is just life except you're not here. You're somewhere else, you know? But- But that's okay because at least you're somewhere, you know? But when does- When does somewhere become there? And when does there become here? And I- It-
Bob: Just, just a coffee, please.
Twyla: For here?
Bob: Yeah.

Quote from Moira

Johnny: What do you say about guy you couldn't care less about?
Moira: Oh, it's Gord what's-his-name's funeral all over again.
Johnny: Who's Gord what's-his-name?
Moira: Exactly. He was some kind of crew-person on Sunrise Bay. I made an obligatory appearance at the service and his hysterical girlfriend cornered me into saying a few words. I didn't have a thought in my head, so I just stood up and sang "Danny Boy." Not a dry eye in the house.

Quote from Bob

Johnny: Bob, in case I wanna mention this in my remarks, how-how did Carl go?
Bob: Well, it was a bit of a freak accident, really. Apparently, he was trying to unhook his belt from the ceiling fan and apparently it It got knotted around his neck.
Johnny: What?
Bob: Yeah, you know, you'd think the whole thing would've come down, you know, keeping a fan and a body spinning up there for two days. But, uh, Carl found the studs on that one.
Johnny: Oh, yeah.
Bob: That's craftsmanship.
Johnny: Oh, yeah.
Bob: But that, uh, that was Carl.

Quote from David

David: Have you seen the couple that checked in? They're, like, really scummy. Like very skaggy people, who happened to produce a child that hasn't been taken away from them yet.
Stevie: Imagine being related to them.
David: No, I can't. It's too early.
Stevie: They're my cousins.
David: Oh! Well, the, um, the baby's relatively normal looking.
Stevie: No, no they're definitely skaggy.
David: My God, they're so skaggy.

Quote from Johnny

Minister: Now, to say a few words, I'd like to bring up a close friend and one of Carl's personal heroes Johnny Rose.
Johnny: [baby crying] Thank you, minister. Carl. What to say about Carl ? Once so full of life and now lying very, very close to me. What a terrible thing death is. And yet, for Carl, pretty much an all-consuming thing at this point. He-He was a- He was a man who loved a good sweater I'm told. And- And he loved the feel of big tool in his hand, am I right, Bob? And I wonder, when Carl was spinning around on that ceiling fan that he was so very proud of, was he ever thinking of this town where he was born where he lived, and where he died. Where he died. But I- I- I'm not up here today to speak about dying in Schitt's Creek. [cell phone interrupts] I'm- I'm here- I'm-
Bree: [on the phone] Where the hell are you, Sean?! At a bar?! If anyone should be in a bar right now, it's me. Sean! Excuse me.
Johnny: Well, I- I am here to talk about dying in Schitt's Creek! I'm here to talk about the misery of our lives here and how we might never escape this place. And how we do not wanna end up in a coffin, like Carl, here in this godforsaken-
[Moira begins to sing Danny Boy]

Quote from Moira

Johnny: Honey? You know, my back.
Moira: What?
Johnny: The thing with my back.
Moira: Your back! Oh, it's- It's terrible. And his arms are so weak. Little muscles like corn nuts.
Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, we're just talking about my back, sweetheart.

Quote from Moira

Johnny: Is everything okay?
Jocelyn: We've got some sad news.
Roland: Uh, someone very close has died.
Moira: Sorry.
Jocelyn: You remember Bob?
Moira: No.
Roland: You broke into his cabin and had sex while he and his wife were in the next room.
Moira: Oh, that's Bob.

Quote from Moira

Johnny: Yeah, Bob, who was on the town council. He's on the town council, yeah. Oh, Bob died?
Roland: No. No, not Bob. Bob's brother, Carl, died.
Johnny: I don't know Carl.
Moira: We barely know Bob.

Quote from Alexis

David: What are you doing?
Alexis: Um, I'm gonna go stay at Ted's because I've been on enough spring breaks to know how this is gonna end, and it's not not good.
David: You're just gonna leave me here with these people?!
Alexis: Yeah. Like, I don't feel good about it.
David: Um, hello! Hello! Is anybody in that hollow chest?

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