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Quote from The Wingman

Johnny: Okay, all right, are you in or not?
Ronnie: Ooh, I'm in. 'Cause I don't wanna miss a chance to see how this plays out.
Johnny: Bob?
Bob: Well, it... it would be so nice to not be completely alone for a night. Uh, lucky Gwen, she has another one of her male cousins visiting. [chuckles then sobs]


Quote from The Cabin

Bob: Oh good, you're done. We, uh, we didn't wanna interrupt.
Johnny: What're doing here?
Bob: Oh, just finishing off the latest Harold Zable novel. You ever read him?
Johnny: How long have you been here?
Bob: Quite a while. Yeah, you seemed to have a little trouble there, getting going. And, uh, well, we, uh, we didn't think you needed the extra pressure on you, so...

Quote from Bob's Bagels

Johnny: I mean, you wanna make sure you're making good bagels the real way.
Bob: Well, You would certainly know how to make them the real way, because you're, uh.... You're-
Johnny: Jewish?
Bob: I didn't know if I could say it. But boy, do you all love your bagels! I mean I do too, and I'm not even, uh...
Johnny: Jewish. You can say it, Bob.
Bob: I don't know why, it feels like a swear. What's the one you can't say?

Quote from The Cabin

Gwen: Oh, hi! You're good.
Moira: And you are?
Bob: I'm Bob, this is my wife Gwen, and, uh, this is our cabin.
Moira: Oh, no, no, no. This is Roland and Jocelyn's cabin.
Gwen: No, they're a mile up the road.
Bob: Big tree, a fence. You can't miss it.

Quote from Allez-Vous

Bob: Okay, well, let's get 'er hooked up, get you back to the garage, and we'll start on the paperwork.
Johnny: What paperwork?
Bob: It's all filled in, you just have to sign it, and, uh, she's all yours.
Johnny: I'm not buying this car.
Bob: You change your mind?
Johnny: It broke. Twice! It's a broken car!
Bob: We'll play a little hardball, okay. I'll knock twenty bucks off.
Johnny: You couldn't get twenty bucks for scrap.
Bob: Oh, all right, thirty bucks.
Johnny: How about zero bucks?! I wouldn't give you a dime for this!
Bob: Johnny, you're killing me here. Fifty bucks.
Johnny: Oh, you know what, Bob, I'm walking. I'm walking.
Bob: I'll throw in a couple of floor mats, but that's my final offer.
Johnny: Walking!

Quote from Family Dinner

Bob: I hope you don't mind me uh, eavesdropping on your conversation, but uh, I think maybe I could help you.
Johnny: Really?
Bob: I heard you're looking for office space?
Johnny: Yes!
Bob: Well, I have a sweet little spot you might be interested in, if uh, if you wanna take a look.
Johnny: Yes, I would! Thank you.
Bob: Happy to help, I'm sure you'd do the same for me. If you had anything to offer.

Quote from Jazzagals

Johnny: If I may, an observation? To run a business, you have to be here to run the business. You have to be here to deal with your clients. That's what I've been doing all afternoon.
Bob: You got some clients, that's great news.
Johnny: No, I was dealing with your customers.
Bob: Well, thank you, Johnny, That's a refreshing change of attitude.

Quote from Jazzagals

Johnny: Bob, you're never here. And while you were gone, I helped a customer fill his tire with air, I helped an elderly woman add oil to her car, and I sold the '93 Buick for $350 dollars. You've got to be here to run your business!
Bob: Whoa, you have been busy! Listen, uh tell me just a little more about selling that Buick.
Johnny: Well, it's a funny story. This guy came in supposedly for directions. Okay, but anyone with a background in sales could see how he was eyeballing that Buick. So I slow play it. I pretend I don't notice. And then he sort of mentions the Buick. So I hem and haw, textbook stuff, I tell him, you know, oh, there's a lot of interest in that particular vehicle.
You know, I'm playing the guy like a bow fiddle. Then he finally admits this is the kind of car that he's been looking for. Oh, really? Says I. That's when I go in for the kill. Long story short, he forks over $350 dollars cash. And you're welcome. Certain instincts you just don't lose. It's like riding a bike.
Bob: Well, funny you should use that expression. Because Dick Sinson is gonna be riding his bike until we can get his car back for him!
Johnny: Who's Dick Simpson?
Bob: I couldn't tell 'ya. But Dick Sinson is the fella whose car you just sold. He brought it in for a brake job. I don't recall him wanting to sell it.
Johnny: Oh.

Quote from Moira vs. Town Council

Moira: No need, I'm prepared to speak now.
Bob: Well, that just doesn't work, I mean, we have a list, uh...
Roland: Bob, just concentrate on the minutes, okay? I can tell right now you're behind.
Bob: Okay, typing is not my strong suit. Ray could type without looking at the keys.

Quote from The Candidate

Johnny: Bob, now that Ray's stepped down from council, I gather his seat is up for grabs?
Bob: "His seat is up for grabs?" I could say something pretty inappropriate right now.
Johnny: Well, I'm hoping you don't.
Bob: No, but I could, that's a real set up.

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