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The Treaty

‘The Treaty’

Season 4, Episode 7 -  Aired November 10, 2011

When Leslie and Ben help out with Pawnee's Model U.N., their difficulty moving past their break-up has geopolitical ramifications. Meanwhile, Ron tries to get Tom to take his job back in the Parks Department, and Chris wonders why Jerry's daughter has soured on their relationship.

Quote from Andy

Leslie Knope: I need a few more volunteers. Andy, will you be Iceland?
Andy: The bad guys from Mighty Ducks 2? Don't think so.
Leslie Knope: Okay, how about Japan?
Andy: The bad guys from Karate Kid 2? Even worse. How 'bout Germany? They've never been the bad guys.
Leslie Knope: Why don't you be Finland?
Andy: Okay.


Quote from Andy

Andy: Delegates! I know that you're angry with each other. Hopefully, this will be your opportunity to have your very own Camp David.
[aside to camera:]
Andy: In high school, my buddy David Fundis would have these campouts in his backyard. We would just chill out, have a bonfire, talk about whatever was on our mind. We called it camp David.
Ben: How do you know about Camp David?
Andy: How do you know about camp David?

Quote from Andy

Andy: Honey! I just traded Finland's military to Kenya for 50 lions. That's pretty good, right?
April: Yeah...
Andy: Okay.
April: But also militaries are pretty good at protecting countries.
Andy: But so are lions. And you don't have to pay them.
[aside to camera:]
Andy: These kids are idiots. I've just traded all of Finland's boring stuff for every other country's lions? I definitely have more lions than any other country in the whole world right now. I have no idea what's going on. But if that ends up meaning something in this game, I'd say I'm set.

Quote from Ann

Ann: I was so into you, okay, and you basically turned me into a female version of yourself, and then you got bored dating me because you were dating yourself.
Chris: Huh...
Ann: I mean, I was jogging. I hate jogging.
Chris: [laughs] Jogging's amazing!
Ann: Jogging is the worst, Chris. I mean, I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?

Quote from Ron Swanson

Leslie Knope: Ron! You wanna join us? Look! I'll let you be America.
Ron Swanson: [scoffs] And teach kids that not only is government good, but there should be a World-wide super-government? I'd rather sand down my toenails.
[aside to camera:]
Ron Swanson: Every three weeks, I have to sand down my toenails. They're too strong for clippers.

Quote from Leslie Knope

Ben: Oh. Okay. Fair enough. Oh, you know what? You might wanna borrow this.
April: Ew, no one wants your dirty underwear, Ben.
Ben: It's not dirty underwear. It's a white flag, and you may as well start waving it right now, Leslie.
Leslie Knope: The only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!
Ben: Good lord.

Quote from Ben

Leslie Knope: ...Or I can be South Korea, you can be Bangladesh. You can form like a Trans-Asiatic alliance.
Ben: Yeah, I like it. And I see the merits of it. I just worry if we're both in Asia, it might limit our scope.
Leslie Knope: Mm.
Ben: I kinda want to roll up my sleeves and make geopolitical problem-solving my bitch.
Leslie Knope: Amen, brother. Let's go back to plan "A." I'll be Denmark, you be Peru.
Ben: Yes!
[aside to camera:]
Ben: Oh, I didn't really do Model United Nations in high school, so... Oh, wait. I super-did.

Quote from April

April: And I'll be the Moon.
Leslie Knope: No, you're gonna be South Africa or... Pakistan.
April: I'm the Moon, or I quit.
Leslie Knope: April.
April: Moon or quit, man.
Leslie Knope: Fine. You be South Africa, and you can also secretly run the moon.
April: The Moon accepts your ridiculous proposal.

Quote from Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope: Oh hey, Ben. Have you seen my complete collection of all 193 national flags? Ooh! Here they are.
Ben: Wow!
[aside to camera:]
Leslie Knope: So, I've been asked to run this year's Model UN at Pawnee Central High School. Attendance has been low. And if I don't make it awesome, they may cancel it. I wonder if I'm gonna make it awesome.

Quote from Tom

Tom: [on the phone] Look, if you ask me, Enron is down but not out. Who doesn't like a comeback story? All right, you wanna hear my plan, get at me later. I gotta meet up with an old friend. All right, peace, man.

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