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Quote from Ben in Ron and Tammys

Ben: Hey, thanks for texting me to hang out. I've really felt like we've developed a cool friendship, and-- anyway, it was just nice to have that validated.
Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, we got some documents over at Entertainment 7Twenty that seem really complicated. And I thought, maybe you could take a look at them because nerd stuff probably really excites you, because you're a nerd.
Ben: No, of course. Yeah, no, I just- Put on my Star Wars pajamas and sit in my mom's basement and pore over some spreadsheets. Sounds great. Yeah. W-w-what'd you got?
Tom: Something called "Break Even Analysis Tables."
Ben: Oh, break evens? Those are really fun. Yeah, sure. I'll take a look.


 ‘Ron and Tammys’ Quotes

Quote from Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson: So we need to find proof of every tax deduction I've taken in the last five years.
Leslie Knope: Ron, most of these aren't even receipts. This one says, "I bought supplies. 2007".
Ron Swanson: You won't find any bank statements either. I've heavily invested in gold which I've buried in several different locations around Pawnee. Or have I?

Quote from Chris

Ann: I would like to shoot a new PSA and I think it'd be good to get someone who's healthy and telegenic, and I thought that you would be perfect.
Chris: Ann Perkins. I am flattered. And I will do it. Is there a script yet?
Ann: Uh, no, because you just approved the idea, like, three seconds ago.
Chris: I would like you to write me a script and get it to me in an hour. And we should start thinking about wardrobe. Casual? Formal? Semi-formal? Sporty? Scary? Posh? Baby? Those are the Spice Girls. I just got caught up in my own thoughts. I'm very excited about this. In terms of shirts, I can wear white...

Quote from Ron Swanson

April: What's this? Some kind of lame drug deal?
Ron Swanson: That is a gentleman's agreement. I made that man a dining room table in exchange for 60 feet of copper pipe and a half pig.
Leslie Knope: Well, looks like we have some actual receipts here. Same amount, every month. 140 bucks. What's this?
Ron Swanson: Every 30 days, I buy shotgun shells and cigarettes and send them home to my mom.
Andy: [laughs] That's so sweet. Your mom sounds kick-ass.
[aside to camera:]
Ron Swanson: My first ex-wife's name is Tammy. My second ex-wife's name is Tammy. My mom's name is Tamara. She goes by Tammy.