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Season 7, Episode 5 -  Aired January 27, 2015

Leslie and Ben try to highlight illegal data collection by Gryzzl as the company bids for the Newport land. Meanwhile, Craig asks April to talk to some interns at the Parks Department, and Tom acts as Andy's agent when the TV station claims the rights to Johnny Karate.

Quote from Tom

Tom: Put your mop down, bud. I got you the rights to Johnny Karate.
Andy: No way! How?
Tom: Just a great agent I guess.
Tom: [whining] Please, man, please! Andy's my friend, and I want to do a good job, and there's this girl I really like, and she lives in Chicago, and she's still dating someone, and I just feel like--
Hank: Oh, God.
Tom: Do you want to eat at my restaurant for free? Every week, you could come once a week, and it's free.
Hank: Okay, okay, fine. J-just stop!
Andy: See? I told you it was gonna work out. That's actually really good advice for anything. If there's something that you want badly, you just have to believe that it's gonna work out.


Quote from April

April: Hey, I am sorry that I screwed up your life. I found a bunch of new potential interns to replace Jen.
All: Hi.
Craig: How'd you manage that?
April: I just thought, "What would Leslie do?" So I handed out flyers and I canvassed the college. I even baked a bunch of cookies. It was weird, I actually enjoyed finding them. And I enjoyed bullying Jen into quitting.

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