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Quote from Ron Swanson in Leslie and Ron

Ron Swanson: How many more questions are you going to ask me?
Leslie Knope: As many as I need to to solve this mystery and get us engaged in a deep and stimulating conversation about our friendship. Ron, what are you doing?
Ron Swanson: I know I saw it. Aha! Detonator. The partially defused claymore mine you gave me ten years ago. I'm gonna use it to blow a hole in this damn door so I can get out of here.
Leslie Knope: Ron, just wait a second.
Ron Swanson: No. I'm being held as a prisoner against my will, and I have the right, as a citizen of the United States, to blow a hole in that [bleep] door and walk out as a free man. It's in the Constitution.
Leslie Knope: There's no cursing in the Constitution.

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