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Quote from Leslie Knope in Beauty Pageant

Host: Next up, please welcome Susan Gleever.
Susan: Hi, everyone. I'm Susan. I'm a history major at Indiana State, I play classical piano, and I volunteer at the Children's Hospital.
Host: Thank you, Susan.
Leslie Knope: She's good.
Host: Next, Trish lanetta.
Trish: Hi, y'all. I'm Trish. I'm 22 years old, I've been on YouTube. I just... I love to hang out with my friends, I love to laugh, I love the summertime and going to the beach, and I love wearing bikinis at the beach with everyone there. I just want everyone...
Leslie Knope: Well, you know, they can't all be winners.
Trish: Are y'all having a good time?
Tom: Looks like we got a frontrunner, guys!

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