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Quote from Leslie Knope in Pilot

Ann: The bottom line is I've been trying to get this thing fixed for months, and nobody's done anything, and it's ugly, and it's dangerous, and it's government-owned, and you need to do something about it. [applause]
Leslie Knope: Okay. I'll do something about it.
Ann: Really?
Leslie Knope: Yes, we... I will help you.
Ann: Is that a promise?
Leslie Knope: It's more than a promise. It's a pinky promise. I pinky promise all of you that I will help, and I will go to that location tomorrow, and we will fill in that pit, and then when that's done, we're gonna put a park on the land.
Ann: Okay.
[aside to camera:]
Leslie Knope: Well, I've worked at the Parks Department for six years, and I've handled a lot of things that I'm proud of. Recently, I led a city-wide drive to disinfect the sandbox sand after we had those problems with the cats. But this pit, the chance to build a whole new park from scratch, this could be my Hoover Dam.

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