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Quote from Andy in Save JJ's

Andy: I've got a meeting as well. See you back at the house.
Ben: Andy has a meeting?
[cut to Dennis Feinstein's TP'd office:}
Dennis Feinstein: Upload it to my GryzzlGlass. Left eye. I'm watching porn with my right eye. Whoa. Who...did...this?
Andy: We did. One way or another, Jonathan Karate always gets his man. And like that, they were gone. [whistles] Go! Wait, where's-- Hey, guys, where's Gavin? Gav-- Wait, stop. There were supposed to be six ninjas. Where's Gavin? Gavin? Who was Gavin's buddy? Caleb? Come on, dude, why do we even have a buddy system? Is he in the bathroom? You need to tell me if Gavin is pooping. [children laugh] No, do not laugh, okay? You're not even Caleb. You're Gavin. You're Caleb. If you're Caleb, where's Hunter? Hunter? Hunter? Okay, who was Hunter's buddy? Hmm? Oh, I was. Oh, crap. Oh, Dennis, what a mess.
Dennis Feinstein: You have 30 seconds to get out of this facility.

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