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Quote from Ron Swanson in Swing Vote

Ron Swanson: Good gravy.
Leslie Knope: Oh, hello, Ron. I believe you know this gorilla. It used to bring joy to hundreds of Pawnee families, but then you got rid of its habitat, so it died. Your office shall serve as its monkey tomb.
Ron Swanson: How much did you pay for this?
Leslie Knope: Irrelevant. I would pay any amount of money to properly shame you.
Ron Swanson: Leslie, you should know by now that I live my life according to a certain set of principles, and I do not deviate from them.
Leslie Knope: Right, I mean, God forbid you're flexible in any way. You should just stick to your stupid, rigid, anti-government principles. But you know what? Those principles stink. They're not the right principles.
Ron Swanson: You may think so. I do not. Thank you for my new silver-backed friend. I like him very much. I will call him "$9,000 of taxpayer money the gorilla."
Leslie Knope: That is a terrible-- His name is Mr. Fuzzyface!

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