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Quote from Leslie Knope in Operation Ann

Leslie Knope: Okay, so the Valentine's Day dance is planned, prepped, and under budget, but we have one final task. Ann Perkins is currently attending the Valentine's Day dance alone, so I need each one of you to bring an eligible bachelor for her tomorrow.
April: Ann's not totally hideous. Why does she need our help?
Leslie Knope: Because that's what friends do, April. They help friends find happiness. Now the last guy she liked was Chris, but she can't date him again because he's her boss. So when we're thinking of prospective sweethearts, we need to think of people who are... Attractive and smart and kind. And if you're wondering what kind of guy is right for Ann, all you need to do is ask. Also you need to find someone educated, and friendly, and fun...
Ron Swanson: Just tell us the damn word.
Leslie Knope: Effervescent, he needs to be effervescent.

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