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Season 5, Episode 7 -  Aired February 16, 2016

After Nick keeps interrupting Schmidt and Cece's personal time to avoid Reagan, they make up a lie to turn him off her. Meanwhile, Winston tries to help Reagan break up with her girlfriend.

Quote from Reagan

Camilla: Okay, what the hell is going on?
Nick: Winston, check for a wire-- she could be a rat.
Camilla: Stop it. This isn't real.
Nick: You're telling us we're not a Japanese crime family?
Camilla: Reagan, tell me the truth.
Winston: Reagan, seriously, just stop bailing. [Reagan is lost for words]
Camilla: I'll just go.
Reagan: Camilla, wait. Look... [exhales] This isn't working out. But I think that it's my fault. Because I don't let people in. I'm sorry. I think that you deserve a lot better than that.
Camilla: Thank you. I know that wasn't easy for you.


Quote from Winston

Camilla: [o.s.] Freaking bitch! [crashing] I hate you! I hate you so much!
Winston: Oh. Yeah, it's the old "I left my sweater" trick. [Camilla roaring] Let me tell you something, folks, I've played that song before.

Quote from Winston

Reagan: mean, you guys could've bailed on me, but you didn't. You stuck around, and you helped me lie to a psychotic woman who is now destroying all of my stuff. [Camilla yells]
Nick: Anything to help.
Cece: It's kind of what we do.
Schmidt: It's how we roll.
[Camilla shrieks]
Schmidt: How do you think she's taking it?
Camilla: [o.s.] What's with all these ribbons?!
Reagan: How long do you think she's gonna be in there?
Winston: I like to do about 15.
Camilla: [o.s.] You are never gonna forget me! You are never gonna forget Camilla!
Winston: So, what'd you bring us for dinner?

Quote from Nick

Schmidt: Nick!
Nick: What?
Schmidt: You still can't eat in front of Reagan?
Nick: This has nothing to do with Reagan. I... I've just gotten used to eating in here. It's cozy. Why, what are you guys up to?

Quote from Winston

Winston: Buenos noches! [speaks Spanish] Aah! Oh!
Schmidt: Winston!
Winston: Oh... oh...
Schmidt: All over the bed?!
Winston: I didn't get my huevos on you, did I?
Schmidt: Close your robe!
Cece: Okay.

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