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Season 2, Episode 23 -  Aired April 30, 2013

The gang tell the stories of how they lost their virginities.

Quote from Winston

Jess: Wait, what? You lost your virginity to prostitutes?
Winston: No, they were businesswomen. Who could dance sexy.
Nick: Winston, 100% they were prostitutes.
Winston: Dude, no.
Younger Winston: Ladies, ladies, ladies. We work in the finance markets.
Mysteria: I'm Mysteria. This is Octopussy.
Younger Nick: Your name's Octopussy?
Octopussy: Absolutely.
Younger Nick: Thank you, guys, for coming. We're very wealthy.
Jess: Winston, listen to their names. They sound like pros.
Winston: She was a nurse. Dude, her nurse hat was in her purse.
Nick: Would you listen to yourself?!


Quote from Winston

Mysteria: What's wrong with your friend?
Younger Winston: He's a virgin.
Mysteria: Aren't you a virgin, too?
Younger Winston: Just my penis, baby. Just my penis.
Winston: So Mysteria and I made love that night. For ten beautiful seconds.
Younger Winston: So what do you do for a living?
Mysteria: [snickers]

Quote from Nick

Walt Miller: Don't tell Winston about the girls. You know, that they're... pros.
Younger Nick: Yeah, I won't. I don't want to break his heart, you know?
Walt Miller: Okay. I mean, you can tell him, but just... wait, you know? Maybe after I'm gone.
Younger Nick: I'll tell him when you're dead.
Nick: So it's time you should know.
Winston: Mysteria...

Quote from Winston

Nick: Jess, look at him. Let him have this.
Jess: Yeah, I'm sorry, Winston. I just can't let you win this. My story... involves... murder.
Winston: Was Mysteria even her real name?
Nick: No.

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