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Raisin's Back

‘Raisin's Back’

Season 6, Episode 11 - Aired January 3, 2017

Nick is determined not to make a big deal of things when Reagan moves back into the loft. Meanwhile, Winston and Cece make their own EDM track to show Schmidt he has terrible taste in music.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Oh, my goodness.
Cece: Mm.
Schmidt: Boo-yah.
Winston: It sucks to be so... damn right. Boo-yah!
Cece: Yeah!
Winston: Oh, oh, oh!
Cece: Those ears heard a Bishop/Parikh original track.
Schmidt: This must be a shenanigan.
Winston: No. EDM is a shenanigan.
Cece: Correct.
Schmidt: [on track] My-my-my Haberman.


Quote from Winston

Winston: So now, it's gonna be all Enya...
Cece: All Enya.
Winston: ...all the time.
Cece: All the damn time, all day.
Winston: Mm!
Cece: Amenya!
Winston: Enya.

Quote from Winston

Schmidt: How could I have been so wrong? Have I... always had bad taste?
Winston: Just like I said.
Cece: Yeah, I said it, too.
Winston: Ha. Okay, whatever.
Cece: I did!
Winston: Yeah, sure. Nobody heard ya.

Quote from Nick

Reagan: Don't act like you didn't lie.
Nick: Your lie was bigger. My lie didn't require a credit check. Congratulations, Reagan. You have more apartments than I have jeans.
Reagan: So thank God I have that apartment. 'Cause guess where I'm sleeping tonight.
Nick: Where?
Reagan: In...
Nick: Well, I'll be in the honest apartment!
Jess: You said that a full two seconds after the door shut.
Nick: All right, but I still said it.

Quote from Nick

Nick: I got to say, a lot of international people living here, it's... there's good and bad in that, huh?

Quote from Reagan

Cece: Yeah, and you like EDM. You know what else you like?
Jess: [door opens] A brand-new... fancy chair! [laughter]
Nick: Chair? I thought this was the base of a fish tank. [laughs] Here you go, man.
Reagan: Happy birthday, Schmidt.
Jess: It's not his birthday.
Reagan: Then why are we doing this?
Cece: Schmidt, you love this chair, right?
Winston: Told you to sit on it, Potsie!
Reagan: The store had free delivery. I don't understand what's going on.
Nick: I know. We just do things sometimes. I never understood it either.

Quote from Cece

Jess: Is it... comfortable?
Schmidt: Absolutely not. It's a Haberman.
Winston: Play some music from my mobile device, that we created, you and me.
Cece: Come on. You know you love it. Let us see it in your feet. Dance!

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