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New Girl: Raisin's Back

611. Raisin's Back

Aired January 3, 2017

Nick is determined not to make a big deal of things when Reagan moves back into the loft. Meanwhile, Winston and Cece make their own EDM track to show Schmidt he has terrible taste in music.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Yeah, it's not so easy, is it? Can't just snap your fingers and become a couple of Calvin Harrises-e-es.


Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: If I don't have my taste, then what's real? Are cargo shorts gorgeous? Was I wrong about rubber awareness bracelets? Should I grow a goatee?
Winston: Look, Schmidt, you got fooled. Who cares, man? [Cece chuckles]
Schmidt: I care, Winston. I care. [exhales] I always thought of myself as a brand, as a lifestyle, but now... you know what, I'm gonna take back that chair, and I'm gonna get rid of all my gingham and I'm gonna... go buy a 14-pack of tube socks... at the grocery store.

Quote from Winston

Winston: When we are done with this song, Schmidt will totally think it is by Diplo or Garrix or Deadmau5.
Cece: What is this?
Winston: Don't worry about that, your mind is in a weird situation. First things first. I recorded a bunch of noises around the loft. Right?
Cece: Mm-hmm.
Winston: So we could use it as the hook. It is the mark of any EDM song. Now, check this one out. Nick shaving without shaving cream. [Nick grunting] He's bleeding at this point.
Cece: It's good, I'm just laughing at...
Nick: Yeah, it's nasty.
Cece: ... just seeing him.
Winston: Okay, check this one out.
Schmidt: [recording] Haberman, my Haberman. Haberman. My Haberman. My-my-my-my Haberman.
Cece: This one has a pretty good rhythm to it.

Quote from Reagan

Nick: Uh, two duffel bags, that's all?
Reagan: Yeah, well, I travel light... which is lucky for me, because the only way I could get here from the airport was to split a cab with a lady who was eating a sub from the middle.

Quote from Winston

Cece: Ugh. Well, there goes the jukebox. It's been on the fritz for weeks.
Schmidt: I know.
Winston: Whoa. Hold on, now. It might have some life left in it, thanks to Dr. The Fonz. Heyyy... [Winston laughs] Check me out. [glass shatters]
Cece: What the hell?
Schmidt: Winston!
Winston: Ooh!
Schmidt: That's the least Fonzie move ever. It was borderline Chachi.
Winston: I just wanted to be... Art Fonzarelli for a day.
Schmidt: Ugh.
Winston: You know? Black dude playing a Jewish dude, playing an Italian dude and the world goes 'round.

Quote from Reagan

Reagan: Okay, well how about you? You want to go out and maybe have like a little ladies' night? I just feel like getting really dumb.
Jess: Yeah. Dude, I'm the dumbest.
Reagan: It's a date. I am gonna take a seven-minute power nap and then go for a run to preempt all of this damage we're gonna do.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: I just got back from the chair district where I found the perfect sitting piece for our home. It's an original Haberman. It's a Haberman. It's a Haberman.
Cece: It's not helping... you to repeat it over and over again.
Schmidt: A print ad for it features a quote from David Strathairn.
Winston: [under breath] Str...
Schmidt: What do you got to say now?

Quote from Cece

Jess: Reagan has a secret apartment.
Cece: A secret apartment?
Jess: Past Jess was trying to keep me out of this.
Cece: What is she, a D.C. madam?

Quote from Winston

Cece: It was just a song. Okay? Your taste is your taste. It doesn't matter who else likes it.
Winston: Yeah, I mean, look at Cece, for instance. She's still rocking that Planet Hollywood jacket, and that thing is ugly as hell, man. Like, it's a really terrible jacket, and I don't get why she wears it.
Cece: I mean, take Winston, for example. He eats onions like apples. It's disgusting, his breath smells bad, it makes no sense, but...
Winston: Yeah, man. I be eating them things right down to the core, man.

Quote from Jess

Nick: What's in the bag, Jess?
Jess: [chuckles] These are old lady caramels, just a little thing that Reagan and I have.
Nick: You and Reagan have things? I didn't even know you guys were in touch.
Jess: Yeah, we text. You know. We also send each other pictures of bears wearing backpacks and other humorous exchanges.
Nick: What?

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