Schmidt Quote #239

Quote from Schmidt in See Ya

Schmidt: But look, on the bright side, it is impossible for me to get aroused in this thing. Here, watch ... say something hot to me.
Cece: Fresh-pressed linens.
Schmidt: Nope, nothing. Not an inch. Like a swaddled baby.


 ‘See Ya’ Quotes

Quote from Winston

Winston: There's not much sunlight left.
Nick: What are you afraid of, the dark?
Winston: No, I'm not afraid of the dark. I'm worried about Schmidt. He's a Jew in the desert. I don't want him to wander.

Quote from Jess

Jess: Meep-meep!
Nick: Jess, honestly, don't do the Road Runner to a coyote!
Jess: That's how you deal with coyotes.
Nick: Coyotes hate roadrunners!
Jess: That's how you deal with them.
Nick: Coyotes want to kill roadrunners!
Jess: Meep-meep!

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: That's why I'm gonna have to White Fang her.
Jess: Schmidt, come on! Look, I try not to judge what you guys do, but please don't tell me things like that.
Schmidt: No, no, Jess, Jess. The book, White Fang.
Jess: Oh.
Schmidt: This guy befriends a wild creature. But he must, he must set the animal free because that's what's best for it.
Jess: I know the plot of White Fang.
Schmidt: But the animal won't go. So with a breaking heart, he throws stones at it until it runs away.