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Quote from Jess in Bells

Jess: So, tonight at rehearsal, keep an eye out for Hector. I'm having trouble getting him to interact. He really wants to play the drums, so I told him bells were the next best thing, which was a lie, so I couldn't keep a straight face while I was saying it. He saw right through me.


 ‘Bells’ Quotes

Quote from Winston

Winston: I'm losing my mind, guys. You know, I sometimes touch the frayed part of the power cord just to feel something.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Here's what I was thinking, okay? If we want to win this concert, we play something cool, like "Eye of the Tiger."
Girl: What's "Eye of the Tiger"?
Winston: "Eye of the Tiger" is the greatest song ever written. It's so cool, it ended the Cold War.
Jess: That's not even a little bit true.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: I will not apologize again for the Midori Sours!
Nick: Who drinks Midori Sours?!
Schmidt: Everyone drinks Midori Sours!
Nick: No, they don't!
Schmidt: It's a melon liqueur!
Nick: I would never drink one!
Schmidt: It's an American classic with Asian influences!
Nick: Winston would never drink one!