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Quote from Winston in Engram Pattersky

Jess: What?! We didn't have to move?
Winston: Hell no! You didn't have to move.
Jess: When did you have time to do all this? You have a baby.
Winston: Well, I got two babies: Dan Bill and this prank.
Nick: This is a really stupid thing you did.
Winston: You should see your face. This is what you look like. [laughs] [imitating Jess] "What?" [laughing] Y'all look so dumb. Look at you, Nick. This is you, Nick.
Nick: [grunts] [shrieks] Okay, it's done. Everybody in the truck. Let's go. We're leaving.


 ‘Engram Pattersky’ Quotes

Quote from Winston

Winston: Gotcha! [laughs] Prank Sinatra, baby!
Cece: What?
Schmidt: I don't get it. The truck is the prank? What, did you pay the rental fee? Winston, that's just nice.
Winston: You didn't have to move.
Nick: Yes, we did have to move, you idiot. We got evicted.
Jess: What is he talking about?
Nick: I have no idea.
Winston: Engram Pattersky. If you rearrange those letters, what does it spell?
Jess: "My greatest prank."
Winston: My greatest prank!

Quote from Cece

Cece: I really miss the old days when I would just drop in every now and then and pick up a suitcase or something.

Quote from Winston

Jess: Wait, are you Engram Pattersky? Winston, you were in the loft when all of the notices slid under the door.
Winston: I had some help.
[flashback to Sadie sliding a flyer under the door:]
Sadie: Thanks for the wedding invite. I work at that hospital.
[flashback to Dr. Foster and Biology Teacher sliding a flyer under the door:]
Both: One, two, three, slide.
Dr. Foster: Winston was right. This was a two-man job.
Biology Teacher: Hell yeah.
Jess: But I checked. Everyone's getting evicted. They're turning it into a non-residential space.
Winston: Oh, who did you check with?
Jess: I hope it was someone important.
Fawn Moscato: [on the phone] Sorry, Jess. Nothing I can do about zoning laws. My hands are tied. [whispers to Winston:] Write the check. [on the phone] Oh. Uh-huh. [to Winston] Add a zero.
Winston: Yeah, okay.