Aly Quote #34

Quote from Aly in The Hike

Aly: How should I be, huh? Like you? [mocking] "Oh, my God, look at me, I'm Leslie. I wear holiday socks in the summer. I follow Ariana Grande around like she was the Grateful Dead."
Leslie: [mocking] "Oh, I'm Aly. I went to Quantico and I got a disease, and I can't be around people!"
Aly: Do you mean "quarantine"?


 ‘The Hike’ Quotes

Quote from Jess

Jess: We're lost. Why did you let me chase a waterfall? You know what TLC says.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Look at them. I feel like Andie MacDowell in Multiplicity, living in a house filled with clones.
Cece: It is the second time this week you've compared yourself to Andie MacDowell. It's weird.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Hello. I am Winston Bishop. I'm Aly's boyfriend. Please, if you will, I want to, uh, say a few words to my girlfriend.
Schmidt: He's standing on the furniture.
Cece: Just relax, okay? Help is on the way.
Winston: Aly, I wanted you to feel special tonight because... I'm wild about you. Maybe things didn't go perfectly, but damn it, don't be embarrassed to be crazy in front of me. Okay? I am the king of crazy. [Aly chuckles] I have inside jokes with my cat. I am a member of the Puzzling Guild of North America. I shave my face cold, and I brush my teeth hot.