Cece Quote #210

Quote from Cece in Ready

Cece: Donovan, these terms are unacceptable. He's really screwing you.
Donovan: Aw.
Cece: You know what? I'm gonna get on the phone with him, because if we start treating our attractive people like this, our society is gonna collapse.


 ‘Ready’ Quotes

Quote from Nick

Nick: Okay, I know for a fact... that this was the most attractive man in America for ten years. [holds up a Cheers publicity photo of Ted Danson] I know that because magazines told me so. But... Okay... Hey, Donovan, could you copy that? You guys don't look anything alike.
Donovan: Okay.
Nick: Okay.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Nick, please, that dude is hot as hell, man. He is a member of the Hall of Fine. He's more attractive than Joe Mangaroni. Manga... Joe Menden...
Nick: Who are you thinking of?
Winston: Magic Mike's friend.
Cece: Oh, he's married to that...
Nick: Yeah, J Lo.
Nick: Joe Mangallini.
Winston: Joe Mangallini. He's more attractive than Joe Mangallini.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: I'm fat!
Jess: I'm ready!
Schmidt: Look at this scarf. I used to be able to wrap this scarf...
Jess: You go first.
Schmidt: exactly... two and a half times, and the plaid layers would blend seamlessly.
Jess: Scarf looks fine, Schmidt.
Schmidt: Now the blend is several degrees from seamless, a... as you can see. I've gained six pounds, maybe six and a half, I'm sure of it.
Cece: Honey, you look exactly the same to me.
Jess: Are you implying you gained six pounds in your neck?
Schmidt: I let my gym membership lapse when we were planning the wedding. Now instead of a chiseled ten, I'm a dumpy seven breathin' down six's back. But it's fine. I just have to find a new gym.