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Big Schmidt: Love each and every one of you sons of bitches. Now, who are you? I'm Groomsman Number Two. [chuckles] Big Schmidt, Schmidt's cousin.
Robby: I'm Robby, Groomsman Number Four. I am the ex-boyfriend of the bride, and a weirdly close friend of the groom.
J. Cronkite Valley-Forge: I'm Number Five, J. Cronkite Valley-Forge. CFO of Associated Strategies, LLC. I'm 62 years of age, was recently widowed, and I believe earnestly that if we can all work together this wedding season, we will get more boom-boom than a TNT factory. [men laughing] Thank you for your time. Thank you for your time.
Winston: I have a brief statement from G3, who could not make it here tonight. It says, "Dear Jess, I can't fly in for every damn party. I will see you at... [imitates Coach] the wedding." If you know Coach, that's exactly how he... "Wedding." And then he always goes, "Coach." [laughs]


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Schmidt: Cece has zero idea that you're flying her mother in for the engagement party tonight. She is... she is alarmingly in the dark. Maybe it's a cultural thing. You know, we saw the British coming. India did not.

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Schmidt: These rings are the first of a dozen accessories that are gonna unify the bridal party. As you can see from my preliminary vision board, our wedding will borrow equally from the holy trinity of Liz Taylor, Jackie O and The Power Gays.
Cece: Oh, I'm scared.
Winston: You should be.

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Quote from Secrets

Winston: All right, everybody stop! Wherever you are right now, just sit down! Okay, now, Saturday is a day for sleeping, and damn it, you will not take that away from me! You, give her her scarf back. Finders keepers is not a thing. You, get out of my house!
Holly: Who are you?
Winston: Who am I? Who am I? Well, I am Theodore K. Mullins. And Nick is my lover on the down low. Tell her, Nick. Tell her how it really goes down in apartment 4D. Oh, great Negro spiritual, please come down and loose these chains on this woman! Flesh on flesh. When the lights are off, we are all the same.
Nick: Not true.
Winston: Dear lord, help me, Father! Get out of my house. Get out of my house!

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Winston: There is this one thing that I miss. I probably shouldn't say, man. I can't.
Schmidt: No, come on. It's us, man.
Winston: Schmidt, I could really go for some crack.
Schmidt: What? Crack cocaine?
Winston: I remember when I was a kid, me, my mom, and her mom, and well, her mom, and then her mom, and then of course her mom, and then my little cousin, Peanut, they'd all rush back to that flaming trash can where we'd sit around and harmonize and just... [sings] Shoo-op. One of those nights I remember, well, we ran out of crack. I'd grab my scarf, and I would run on down to the liquor store where the thugs hang out, and I would try to get a good deal on some crack. [chuckles] Whoo! They never would give me a good price, man, but, uh, I tell you what, there's nothing like the... the feel of a fire, a fresh-baked cookie, and that sweet, sweet taste of crack in your lungs.