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Quote from Nick in Big News

Nick: I think I'm handling it well.
Jess: Yeah, you are. You are. You're... You know, you're not drunk, you haven't left me 300 voicemails.
Nick: And you're not crying while watching that movie Ghost.
Jess: Well, it's Dirty Dancing.
Nick: Doesn't Swayze do a dirty dance with that clay?
Jess: That's not Dirty Dancing. It's Ghost. It's a different movie.
Nick: Which one takes place at camp?
Jess: Dirty Dancing.
Nick: Which one's Whoopi in?
Jess: Stop asking me questions about them.


 ‘Big News’ Quotes

Quote from Nick

Nick: Look, of course she doesn't know I'm in pain, Tran. I'm hiding it like you're supposed to. But I'm lying to my best friend. You're also my best friend, don't don't start that weird jazz train. I don't know how I'm gonna hold it all together. I can't talk about it with anyone all day. I feel like a pinata, you know, and I'm just gonna pop. What does that mean: "The problem is the solution?" Oh, you mean just focus myself on Winston, and I won't have time to think about Jess. That's really smart, but that's not exactly "the problem is the solution." Do you know what I mean? That's, like, a cool sentence, but it's more just "stay busy," right? Thanks, Tran. [shakes hand] If I'd met you in your prime, during the war, that would have been glorious! But then we would've been enemies and tried to murder one another, unless we formed an alliance. Oh... You and me forming an alliance in an old-school war? That's a fantasy. Or a novel. You just gave me another idea.

Quote from Winston

Nick: Winston? I've been thinking about it, and a banquet is not big enough. You're not retiring from some insurance company. So what do you really want, besides a pinata? Dream big.
Winston: Dream big, he said. Okay. Um... If I had my druthers you know, 100% of my druthers, I... I gotta go Honey Roast.
Coach: The hell is that? And don't say it like it's some thing we know!
Winston: It's a roast, except you say nice things about me. Honey Roast.

Quote from Schmidt

Cece: Look, that was so sweet of you, Schmidt. Okay? And thank you for believing in me-
Schmidt: Who gives a rat's A?!
Cece: Hmm?
Schmidt: Nick and Jess break up. and you spring this on me like a, like it's a freaking weather report? I am a child of divorce! I'm delicate! Should've graduated the first time around, you buffoon!
Coach: Better keep it together, dude. No one can know you know.