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Quote from Jess in First Date

Jess: Would you describe this as a sexual act?
Cece: I would describe that as the pledge of allegiance, which can be sexual. Why?
Jess: Because this is what I got from Nick. Just out of the blue. No reason. Our relationship's so confusing. But this is Nick we're talking about. He's never gonna tell me how he feels. It's always gonna be weird. And I have to stop expecting for it to... change. What?
Cece: You realize your hand is still on your boob, right?
Jess: I can't explain it, it's... it's, like, really calming me down.


 ‘First Date’ Quotes

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: I have an idea ... I'm gonna have the bartender send over two tropical cocktails. Jess will be all, "Why, thank you." Nick will be all, "Grandpa didn't get a face full of Japanese bullets just so you could drink a melted popsicle."

Quote from Winston

Winston: Or... we could break into a zoo, steal a bear, then we shoot that bear full of Hep C, and then we release that bear in the restaurant right when they order dessert.
Schmidt: Winston, you're terrible at pranks.
Winston: I get that.
Schmidt: You don't think just a bear alone in a restaurant is enough?

Quote from Nick

Nick: I mean, the sexual tension has been off the charts. It's like the wild west. No laws. Whiskey for a nickel. Whores caked in mud. I don't know what to do. You're always there when I need you, Tran. Thank you. I'm glad you got no life. I'm joking. Would you settle down? My father just died. I don't know, life's short, huh? It just kind of... I got to start doing things, Tran. Making moves, grown-up moves. I don't know, I want things. I want to, like, mow a lawn, you know, my lawn, in dark socks. What's my move with Jess? What would you do? Of course you would, you dirty dog. [laughs] Well, in reality, Tran, what would do if you were me? A date? What if that's not what she wants? What if she... oh! What if she...? All right, you're right ... no second-guessing. I got to be confident, I've got to be clear. Women like that. All right, I just got to say... Jessica, you are a beautiful woman, and my life has not been the same since I met you. And it would mean the world to me if you would, uh... go on a date with me.