Schmidt Quote #377

Quote from Schmidt in Cabin

Winston: Indian food, dinner? You down?
Schmidt: I thought maybe we'd eat at a place where you wanted to eat at tonight, Winston. As a strong black man.
Winston: What? What are you talking about?
Schmidt: Hey, man, I get it. There are just some nights where I'm dying for my zadie's egg salad, pastrami piled a mile high, some matzo, kreplach... Let's eat some soul food.
Winston: Schmidt, I want Indian, southern Indian.


 ‘Cabin’ Quotes

Quote from Winston

Winston: There is this one thing that I miss. I probably shouldn't say, man. I can't.
Schmidt: No, come on. It's us, man.
Winston: Schmidt, I could really go for some crack.
Schmidt: What? Crack cocaine?
Winston: I remember when I was a kid, me, my mom, and her mom, and well, her mom, and then her mom, and then of course her mom, and then my little cousin, Peanut, they'd all rush back to that flaming trash can where we'd sit around and harmonize and just... [sings] Shoo-op. One of those nights I remember, well, we ran out of crack. I'd grab my scarf, and I would run on down to the liquor store where the thugs hang out, and I would try to get a good deal on some crack. [chuckles] Whoo! They never would give me a good price, man, but, uh, I tell you what, there's nothing like the... the feel of a fire, a fresh-baked cookie, and that sweet, sweet taste of crack in your lungs.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: White Nick, brown Cece. I'd like to have a frank discussion about race. Do you think that we're allowing Winston to be his blackest self?
Nick: I'm not gonna do this.
Cece: Okay, make sure Jess gets these, okay?
Schmidt: Guys, please, I'm being serious.
Nick: Okay, Schmidty, I know that you're being serious, but look, Winston has been black his entire life. I think he knows how to handle it.
Schmidt: We were out the other night for drinks, and well, he encountered some members of his own, and you should have seen the way that he lit up. I mean, he was like a glow stick.
Nick: This is terrible.
Cece: Whatever you were gonna do, please do not. Just don't do it.
Schmidt: I want to create an environment within this loft where Winston feels free, where the gates are open. Let's let Winston turn on his-his black switch and let his black light shine.

Quote from Nick

Nick: Fun dinner. Fun dinner. I always have fun at the cabin. You guys want to pick my brain? You guys want to know what I'm thinking about? I like dogs more than cats. I like chipmunks more than squirrels. I believe in UFOs. I once had a bass teacher, when I was younger, who did the standing bass. And he had a very weird smell, and I still think about it. His name was Mr. Hilton. I don't like the fact that you tried to kiss Sam. Because I have feelings for you, Angie.
Angie: I'm... I had no idea, I'm sorry.
Nick: I know. We said it was open, but...
Angie: I'm proud of you for saying that.
Nick: Dr. Sam? If you were a hat, you'd be a top hat. But like a really big Monopoly one. And I say that of the deepest compliments.
Sam: Appreciate it.