Jess Quote #16

Quote from Jess in Kryptonite

Jess: I just don't wanna get in a big fight with Spencer. I want to be friends with him eventually.
Nick: Why do you wanna be friends with your ex? I don't wanna be friends with Caroline, and all she did was rip me open and tear out my heart out with her perfect, perfect hands.
Jess: He has this power over me. Like he's a wizard and I'm his mage. And I think it's his hair. He has this, like, really beautiful hair, and whenever I see it I get "the woowoos".
Nick: Oh, my God, I hate my life!


 ‘Kryptonite’ Quotes

Quote from Schmidt

Winston: Give her the shirt back, man.
Spencer: What happens if I say no?
Schmidt: You know what happens? Schmidt happens! [slaps Spencer]
Spencer: Ow. What's on your hand?
Schmidt: Thumb ring, bitch! You got some Schmidt on your face!

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: Can I ask you something?
Jess: You wan't my help? Sure.
Schmidt: You consider me a sexy man, correct?
Jess: I don't know how to answer that question.
Schmidt: Okay, look, I'm meeting a girl for drinks tonight, and I'm probably going to bring her back here for sex.
Jess: I have to get to school cause it's astronomy day and I'm dressing up like Galileo, so I have to put on my beard.
Schmidt: I get that, but as a lady, where in the room do I look sexiest? You know like, like where am I best on display? Here? Here? Or... here?

Quote from Jess

[Jess kicks opens the door, walks in and places the breakfast tray own on the floor so loudly that it wakes Winston up]
Winston: What the... What the... Who?
Jess: I'm Jess.
[from the kitchen:]
Jess: [o.s., sings] I'm!
Winston: [o.s. loudly] What's happening?! Why are you doing that?!