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Quote from Cece in Mario

Schmidt: How can I survive another nine months of pregnant Cece? She was so mean to me.
Schmidt: I got your wings, my love.
Cece: I wanted all flats, no drumlets! Do they look flat to you?! [muffled grunting] Do they look flat to you?!
Schmidt: She tried to jam the business end of a drumlet straight up my tuchus. And then things got worse. I can only describe what I experienced next as... anti-Semitic.
Cece: Hey, gefilte face! Quit playing "Where's My Foreskin?" and get in here and rub my feet before I divorce your Yentl-loving, Ashkenazi ass!


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Quote from Cece

Cece: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I was a little bit moody while I was creating life with my body. Aly, can you believe this?
Aly: Well...
Cece: Well?
Aly: Okay, d-don't be mad, but I have never, ever seen anyone be pregnant the way that you were pregnant. So much so that, for evidence, I decided to capture it on my phone.
Cece: [on phone video] What genius got us a Jolly Jumper? Who got us the Jol... Okay, Vandana Auntie, way to go. You see, we already have a Jolly Jumper. So put the tuna salad down. Put it down! Tuna salad is for people who use the registry. Boo! Everybody boo. Why are you not booing?!

Quote from Cece

Schmidt: Even after seeing all those videos, I still want to have another baby with you more than anything else in the whole wide world.
Cece: Me, too, more than anything. Things are gonna be so different this time.
Schmidt: I'm gonna give you so much space.
Cece: I'm gonna be so pro-Semitic, that little beanie you wear on the top of your head is gonna spin.
Schmidt: Feels like a rough start, but I appreciate the effort. Let's go to the hotel.

Quote from Winston

Aly: I got you some stuff.
Winston: Oh, my gosh, you didn't... Will you look at this? Puzzles, a book on subway graffiti. Candy? Mm-hmm. Wait a minute. Baby, candy is different colors?
Aly: That's what I've been trying to tell to you. Everything is different colors.
Winston: Well, I'll see you on the other side. [gasps] [laughs] Oh, my God. Baby. Mm. Nobody told me fruit was different colors!
Aly: I thought you knew.
Winston: I didn't know about fruit, baby!